Earthquake in France (сегодня не очень сильный толчок, а завтра?)

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Dear Colleagues.

The KaY-wave anomalies (27 - 34 hours before the earthquake) passed first Haifa, then Obninsk.

Both anomalies took place in a "quiet" period of time, so they are clearly visible on the charts from the stations.

For those who represent state regulatory bodies, I demonstrate:

- predict earthquakes, now it is a reality;

- if we wait until there is a strong earthquake, then those who are slowing down the creation of the forecast network will be guilty of the death of people;

- Thanks to geophysicists and leaders of Russia for the opportunity to gain experience in the work of forecast stations;

- if any country wants to save the lives of its citizens, contact the author of the method;

- if businessmen or investors want to participate in the creation of a global forecasting system, the author is listening to you.

Sincerely. Alexander Yagodin.…

Уважаемые коллеги.

Аномалии KaY-волны (за 27 - 34 часа до землетрясения) прошли вначале Хайфу, потом Обнинск.

Обе аномалии проходили в "тихий" промежуток времени, поэтому они хорошо видны на графиках со станций.

С уважением. Александр Ягодин.

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