Alexandr Yagodin <> 07:55 кому: amir_yahav, rivka, nati_bm, agaf8, eli_marder, natan_sh, tzahi, avi_shapira, v_mada, State, it, sar, sar, pniyot_m, דנה, sar, dra, ...eurog, ittaik, ... "Dear Colleagues. We see a repeated earthquake in the region of Kamchatka - the Commander Islands. In the set of peaks in the data under the stamp: "only for seismologists" we see that peaks of 6.6 were recorded in the first earthquake, and in the second, at the maximum. they were 6.4. In addition: the depth of the hypocenter in the second case is greater than in the first. Accordingly, we see the amplitude of the anomaly of this earthquake less than yesterday's earthquake. We have only two stations and therefore I do not share a large stack of peaks 2-4 hours, probably associated with the large size of the hypocentral zone. And now I invite you, "for a moment to become a seismologist, predicting earthquakes," to take my place. We see large anomalies of future earthquakes on the graphs in the 17 o'clock zone and we understand that these are possible victims that you can easily prevent. But you have a small number of stations for accurate forecasting and you cannot give it, although you see that a strong earthquake may occur soon. (But for the forecast, it is necessary to determine the place, time, force, and for this you need a network of stations.) Sincerely. Alexander Yagodin.

Уважаемые коллеги. Мы видим повторное землетрясение в районе Камчатки - Командорских островов. В наборе пиков в данных под грифом: "только для сейсмологов" мы видим, что в первом землетрясении были зарегистрированы пики 6.6, а во втором, в максимуме. они были 6.4 . Кроме этого: глубины гипоцентра во втором случае больше, чем в первом. Соответственно, мы видим амплитуду аномалии  этого  землетрясения меньше, чем вчерашнего землетрясения. У нас только две станции и потому я не разделяю большую пачку пиков 2-4 часа , вероятно связанную с большим размером гипоцентральной зоны.

С уважением. Александр Ягодин.

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